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Think-Zone Solutions Virtual Classroom, Online Classroom

Think-Zone Solutions Virtual Classroom, Online Classroom


Today is the world of technology. Day by more changes are occurring to make life easy and comfortable. The stress is primarily on how to save time as time is the key. Think-Zone solutions is also working on this agenda. Therefore, many tech products have been launched or being launched by Think-Zone solutions to make the life better especially in the field of education.

Here we are going to discuss a product of Think-Zone Solutions i.e. Virtual Classroom. It can also be termed as Webinar or live classroom.

Just as the term virtual means a simulation of the real thing, Virtual Classroom or Webinar or live classroom is a simulated classroom via Internet, which provides a convenient communication environment for distance learners just like a traditional face-to-face classroom. A virtual classroom allows learners to attend a class from anywhere in the world and aims to provide a learning experience that is similar to a real classroom.

A virtual classroom or Webinar or live classroom enables to bring learners from around the world together online in highly interactive virtual classes while greatly reducing the travel, time, and expense of on-site teaching/training programs.

It can be used as a solution for live delivery and interaction that addresses the entire process of creating and managing the teaching-learning process. It facilitates instructor and student in teaching-learning events, such as a seminar, online discussion or a live training for employees in the company.

Thus, virtual classroom or Webinar or live classroom can be visualized as a classroom where a lecture or session is conducted using the Internet.


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